Villa Finaly is a prestigious property in Florence of the Universities of Paris.
The Villa Finaly was left to the University of Paris by the Landau-Finaly family in 1953. The Villa is presently owned in common by the 13 Universities which now comprise the University of Paris.
The property is administered by the "Chancellerie des Universités".
As a professional photographer, I had the honor of capturing the unique beauty of Villa Finaly on behalf of FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the Italian National Trust, in preparation for an edition of the renowned "FAI Days."
The photographs were specifically taken to document the most important rooms of the villa with the aim of showcasing one of the event's "special openings" and allowing the public to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of Villa Finaly in advance, through a privileged glimpse into its splendid rooms and enchanting surroundings, as conveyed through various media channels.
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