Printemps Store windows set-up for La fete du Printemps in Bd. Haussmann, Paris.
PRINTEMPS asked the Illustrator Irene Laschi to draw the background illustrations of the 12 windows of their main store in Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, just for "La Fête du Printemps" (Held between March 23rd - May 6th 2017)
Irene drew 12 flowers in 12 different colours, for 12 windows. She chose the subjects and the colours with her Client, then She drew all of them using traditional artistic media (see clip below) and finally asked me to take photos of the windows' set-up at the Printemps Store and a quick portrait of her in front of one of the windows.
Clip edited from original IG posts of @irenelaschi
The original Illustrations drew by Irene Laschi
50x15cm each, airbrush and liquid acrylic on paper.
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