Farmacie Comunali Fiorentine A.Fa.M, a photographic documentation service for the architectural renovation of the Headquarter curated by Apoteca Natura, Aboca Group.
In 2016, Apoteca Natura S.p.A., a specialized network of pharmacies focusing on self-medication, prevention, and natural products, acquired a majority stake in Farmacie Fiorentine A.Fa.M. S.p.A. This acquisition marked a significant milestone as Apoteca Natura became a key player in the management and operation of the municipal pharmacy. With its expertise in natural products and a customer-centric approach, Apoteca Natura contributed to the continued growth and success of the organization.
Following this acquisition, Apoteca Natura entrusted me with the task of conducting a photographic documentation service for the restoration of the Administrative and Executive Headquarters of A.Fa.M in Florence.
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